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Great Lakes

Cultural Camps

Come with us on a journey to explore a world of First Nation traditions and natural wonders in the Great Lakes. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery that unfold before you on our guided walks, hiking trips, winter camping experiences and guided canoe adventures. Whether your choice is to walk, hike or paddle in the provincial or national parks; we're ready to help make yours a trip to remember. Your cultural interpreter will educate you about First Nation people and history in this area. Be prepared to spend quality time with us, we don't believe that there’s any need to hurry; we would rather focus on your experience. Please keep in mind that our half-day adventures are truly a half day. We develop our programs for those who desire a quality trip, and therefore you should be prepared to spend at least four hours with your cultural interpreter when joining a half-day trip.

Our 4 Season Cultural Camps

Mino-kimi  (Spring)

Goose Break

Maple Syrup Harvest

Learning How To Speak Ojibwe

Harvesting Spring Plants

Niibin (Summer)

Birch Bark Canoe Making

Fish Camp

Wilderness Canoe Trips

Berries and Medicine

Digwaagi (Fall)

Moose Harvest

Whitetail Deer Harvest

Rights of Passage

Elders and Youth

Biboon (Winter)

Winter Snowshoe Journey

Woodland Survival Skills

Winter Ojibwe Games

Traditional Crafts


Great Lakes Cultural Camp Experience

Pictograph Visit and Anishinaabe Cultural History Tour

Experience our Pictograph and Anishinaabe Cultural History Tour with Noodin Shawanda, an Odawa from Manitouin Island, noted cultural educator, current Algoma University history major and outdoor adventure guide. Who are the Anishinaabe People, and where do they come from? Noodin makes Anishinaabe history and culture come alive with examples from Anishinaabe oral history and traditions. It is an educational adventure of First Nation Culture experience you will never forget.

Traditional Hunting Skills and Anishinaabeg Subsistence Harvesting with GLCC

Are you interested in hunting or would like to learn more about Anishinaabeg Subsistence Harvesting? Join us for our Introduction to Hunting. Come and be a part of a positive experience that introduces Anishinaabeg traditional skills, responsibilities and ethics.

Do you know what subsistence harvesting means? For Anishinaabeg in the Great Lakes it consists of hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering of plants and animals from the land for food and traditional purposes.

Trapping: We Come From a Tribe of Hunters, Trappers and Gathers

Trapping to some may seem controversial, however it’s in our heritage, culture and DNA. We come from a tribe of hunters, fisherman, trappers and gathers. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to be self-sufficient and knowing how to live off of the land. Did you know that nothing goes to waste when animals are harvested by trapping? Come and learn about fur harvesting, fur management and conservation.

Fish Out of Water - Woodland Skills

Learning should be fun and purposeful, GLCC has gathered an extensive collection of tools and resources from multiple First Nation Tribes! Participants get hands-on history, cultural and science lessons as they learn the basic skills of our Anishinabe ancestors from making cordage snares, useful plants you can find in the winter and tribal hunting tools like the atlatl and spear.

Tribal Games with Great Lakes Cultural Camps

Traditional games have a long history in First Nation Culture. Tribal games encourage active learning, thought, patience and a good sense of humor. Games from across turtle island played quicken the hands, feet, build personal strength, agility and endurance. Students learn core elements of tribal society and gain a better understanding of traditional ways and culture. Our games acknowledge our connection to our past history.

Anishinabeg Traditional Knowledge & Survival Skills

Your adventure will include learning new traditional and survival skills. Your hands-on skill experience will include fire lighting while learning about Anishinaabe culture. Our hike will take us to backcountry and finish with stories of the history of the Great Lakes. You will return home with not only a variety of fascinating skills, but also with new friends and a true Anishinabe experience.

Winter Traditional Games

Have you ever played the game snowsnakes? Along time ago, hunters used spears to hunt game. This game honours our ancestors by throwing the snowsnakes on top of the snow. Participants will learn about cultural history and build their own snowsnake track and have the opportunity to play the game.

Wigwam Building

Your experience will consist of creating a wigwam. Our people built several types of wigwams depending on the size of their family. Wigwams consisted of saplings and large sheets of birch bark. Your experience will consist of harvesting material, cordage and finally constructing a wigwam

Snowshoe Experience - Backcountry Adventure

This historic First Nation form of traveling (using traditional equipment) takes you on a journey through pristine mountain scenery. The skills are easy to learn, and the pace is relaxed. Enjoy a beautiful winter night walk by the moonlight. Listen to the crisp sound of the snow beneath you as journey across a blanket of fresh snow. Learn why our legends are shared during winter months.

Winter Cultural Camp

For a more intimate Great Lakes Cultural Camp Experience utilizing our mobile unit, plan a winter retreat facilitated by our adventure educators. Snow shoeing, winter camping and survival programs are popular for groups of all ages. Come and join us for an amazing experience that includes sleeping in a wigwam or trappers-tent and snowshoeing by moonlight. Smell the fresh tamarack bows beneath you while you rest on a hand made goose down blanket. Listen to “nanabush” legends and stories over a of cup tea.

Winter Survival

Do you have what it takes to survive in the winter? If you are an backcountry enthusiast, make sure you are up to date on what to do when things go wrong in Northern Ontario’s cold weather environments. This experiential learning experience includes: snow shelters - fire Lighting - treating hypothermia & frostbite - prevention of falls through the ice - ice fishing - water treatments and much more.

Cultural Diversity Training with Great Lakes Cultural Camps

Our program promotes the awareness and education of First Nation customs and traditions It provides insight into First Nation worldviews, perspectives and ways of knowing and being. Learn about First Nation Culture, Terminology and Benchmarks in History. Build new skills and enhance existing strengths in working with First Nations people." Our program is delivered in a no blame approach, which allows us to explore how to create effective relationships and gain insight into First Nation families and communities.

Cultural Camp

Designed with the intention of providing a cultural environment of learning for personal growth and development. Our ancestors lived in harmony with the land thus living “biimadziwin, A good life”. Participants are in situations which give them experience and opportunities for good decision making, problem solving, team work and practicing healthy boundaries. The Camps are emotionally, mentally, physically challenging, strengthening the individuals character.

Canoe Excursions: We offer half-day trips for those visiting our region wanting a morning or afternoon thrill. Likewise we have all day, overnight and multi-night excursions on rivers of varying skill demands, some accessed by train into remote spectacular locations. We will custom design any trip to meet the needs of our clients and can arrange for river access throughout Ontario.

Learn about Crafts & Traditional Skills

Select a specific activity or mix and match options to create your own unique adventure. Choose from adventures, traditional skills and crafts. Your individual combination of activities can be presented as a half-day, full-day or multi-day package. Imagine a getaway where you can learn the hands-on skills our First Nation ancestors used - fire lighting, shelter-building, beading, moccasin making and crafting - while learning about the culture and gaining a deeper understanding of the First Nation people. Finally your experience includes spending the night sleeping in an old-fashioned trapper's tent or tipi surrounded by the whispering trees and rugged rocky coast of Lake Superior.

You will return home with not only a variety of fascinating skills, but also with new friends and a true authentic experience.

Options and Add-On’s

Anishinaabeg Kwe Huntress

Homesteading: Hunting | Trapping | Fishing | Farming | Gathering

Traditional Hunting Skills and Anishinaabeg Subsistence Harvesting with GLCC

Trapping: We Come From a Tribe of Hunters, Trappers, and Gathers

Building Traditional Anishinaabeg Tools of the Great Lakes

Medicine Walk Trails and Medicinal Plant Identification

Fish Out of Water: Woodland Skills

Winter Cultural Camp

Bush Craft and Survival Skills: Fire Lighting and Shelter Building

Bush Craft and Survival Skills: Tracking Skills and Smoking Fish

Bush Craft Skills: Wilderness Survival 

An Introduction to Anishinaabeg Traditional Foods and  Back Country Cooking

Traditional Food Cooking Demonstration and Feast Preparation

Tribal Games with Great Lakes Cultural Camps         

Snowshoeing For Fun, Fitness and Good Life

Healthy Kids, Communities & Environments

Great Lakes Cultural Camps Stewardship Project

ORCKA Certification - Safe Canoe Program

ORCKA Certification - Safe Kayak Program

Pictograph  Walk and Paddle

Canoe Excursions

Leave No Trace – Community Service

Whitewater Canoeing | Whitewater Kayaking | Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Great Lakes Interactive History and Display

Science Cultural Camp

Moccasin Making


Drums and Songs: Hand Drum Making

Young Men’s and Young Women’s Traditional Teachings

Inspirational Challenge - Teambuilding with Great  Lakes Cultural Camps

About Great Lakes Cultural Camps

About GLCC

Our team is friendly, skilled and take’s pride in sharing their cultural heritage. Our team of adventure based educators provide awareness of traditional land based First Nation Lifestyles, and its transition to contemporary outdoor pursuits. Great Lakes Cultural Camps “GLCC” is a small family run business that focuses on all the details. GLCC expeditions and adventure learning programs are designed to provide participants with high quality, in-depth instruction in a range of indoor and outdoor adventure activities. Our programs are intensive adventure experiences geared to the abilities and interests of participants. We specialize in Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association (ORCKA), Paddle Canada (PC), Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), Boreal River Rescue, National GPS, Leave No Trace (LNT) certification programs, backcountry and authentic First Nation Cultural Experiences. We also coordinate and offer a variety of other year round indoor and outdoor experiential learning activities. GLCC offers a complete wide variety of top of the line canoes, kayaks, and sup boards. We have all the equipment you need to begin your paddling experience on the North Shore. It’s all about high quality gear and superb instruction.

We Are Mobile

Prepare for an unforgettable cultural experience through the woods and mountains taking in unbelievable scenery! Our mobile unit can travel and deliver our programs almost anywhere. Call for details.

What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect From Great Lakes Cultural Camps

Our adventures are fun, exciting, and challenging because they involve the active participation of each individual. If you wish to participate, you should be aware that very little will be done for you. Our friendly staff will take the time to share their knowledge and skills on how to live on the land. Consequently, your satisfaction will be enhanced knowing that it is your effort that leads you through the wilderness and your determination that helps your team. You will also derive satisfaction knowing that it is through your cooperating spirit that everyone in the group is able to accomplish their day-to-day goals. You can expect a safe environment, wonderful snacks, awesome pre-cooked meals, and a unique experience to remember!

It is mandatory participants and parents/guardians sign a waiver and fully completed. In addition, participants must be properly equipped for our adventure. Upon the confirmation fee deposited a gear checklist & waiver / Terms & Conditions will be forwarded. Failure to have the proper equipment will result in you not being able to participate. We adhere to a zero tolerance policy on all our camps.

Our Enthusiastic Participants

The key to a great trip is a group of participants who are highly motivated to participate. Great Lakes Cultural Camps is not the type of program where participants are sent against their own will. We only accept participants who express a strong desire to join our expeditions and contribute positively, which assures everyone of having the best possible group experience. You will return home with not only a variety of fascinating skills, but also with new friends and a true First Nation Cultural experience.

Safety Practices

All of our staff hold current first aid & CPR certificates, have experience working with children and youth, and have taken part in our extensive staff training. In addition, we ensure that staff carry a knapsack containing a fully stocked first aid kit, participant information, bear deterrent, a whistle, sunscreen and extra clothes.  All staff facilitating adventure programs, have related qualifications, training and experience. Proper safety equipment for all of our programs is used and regularly inspected (i.e. first aid kit, PFDs, water rescue equipment, personal locator beacon, GPS etc.).

Medical Training of Our Instructors

Great Lakes Cultural Camps requires all instructors to be trained at a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). Industry standard medical training for backcountry instructors is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. Wilderness First Responder certification means the instructor has passed an 80 hour intensive course, focused first on prevention and treatment of back country emergencies.

Instructor Student Ratio

For a backcountry adventure trips, the maximum instructor to student ration should be 1:6. Lower ratios mean a safer experience, better supervision, more opportunities to learn, and better interaction with role models.  In our water activities our staff to participant ratio is based upon the industry standard established by ORCKA (Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association) certification guidelines. Our student ratio is 1:5 in solo boating, 1:6 in kayaking, 1:8 canoe tripping. Our staff always work in teams of two or three. There are no individually facilitated programs. We have 2 instructors on all our programs and additional support staff larger groups.

Experience Level

The complex responsibility of leading wilderness trips and the maturity needed to work with people is best handled by older, more mature instructors who have been working in the outdoor adventure industry. It takes several years to gain the wealth of experience needed to become an expert wilderness instructor. Great Lakes Cultural Camps maintain program continuity, safety, quality and consistency by having seasoned staff.

Equipment - Great Lakes Cultural Camp Adventure Equipment

Great Lakes Cultural Camps uses high performance gear. All guests are outfitted with Coast Guard approved PFD’S (personal flotation device) Wetsuits, splash jackets and helmets are all included in the price . Our gear is top of the line and in great condition. We wash and air the gear after every trip

Customize Your Program

We will custom fit any of our unique programs to meet your own personal needs including First Nation Cultural Education, Workshops, Corporate Team Building, Cultural Dance Performance, Group Size, Location, Time, Private Instruction and unique personal requests.It’s your choice! Make your experience one to remember!

What People Are Saying About GLCC

“GLCC has been so supportive in helping to put together a plan to develop leadership skills with our youth. GLCC conducted a series of four workshops for our youth that helped them to build relationships, understand the importance of listening, being a team player and an effective problem solver. Students were involved in fun interactive activities that allowed them to get to know each other better and build confidence and self-esteem. At the same time, GLCC workshops provided the students with knowledge about who they are as Anishinaabe people and to be proud and confident of who they are. I would highly recommend Great Lakes Cultural Camps if you are looking to develop leadership skills and cultural competence with your youth”

Kathy Dokis-Ranney, Principal, First Nation, Métis & Inuit Education Rainbow District School Board

“My principle and I selected Great Lakes Cultural Camps because we had heard great things about what they were offering. I fully recommend GLCC and their team to anyone looking to offer programs in outdoor education, leadership and culture. I will continue to to use GLCC to provide programs for my students”

Nicolas Harfield, Teacher - Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute

“The Algoma University students and staff had an amazing time and the response to the activities planned by GLCC was phenomenal!!!!! Great job to Great Lakes Cultural Camps!!!! Algoma University will definitely be having both of you back for more events in the future”

Melissa Ouimette, First Generation Project Algoma University

“Maheengun, shares his varied skills and encourages the students to accept the challenge and participate in activities he has planned for them. His leadership supports the students but also allows them to learn from doing. As Maheengun shares skills he also makes the connection between his culture, the land and history. The Algoma District School Board will continue to enlist Maheengun’s expertise and knowledge as we work to providing the best possible programs for our students”

Kime Collver, Superintendent of Education, Algoma District School Board

“Thank you much for organizing this wonderful day. We laughed, we learned, we worked together and had fun! This group: Great Lakes Cultural should be going into each school! Their knowledge and how they teach it is nothing like anything a regular teacher can do. It is so needed in our schools, not just for FNMI (First Nation, Métis and Inuit) kids but for all kids. I would love to have them come to mine.Thanks again. If you do another learning opportunity of any kind sign me up!”

Joanne, Grade 5 teacher, St Mary's French Immersion

“The impact you and your organization has made on our community has been tremendously positive. I feel very fortunate that Temagami First Nation has had the opportunity to work with GLCC, you guys rock! Keep up the great work, I look forward to working with you again in the near future. All the best to you and your wonderful family.”

Chief Roxane Ayotte, Temagami First Nation

“The best way to understand and learn from 
First Nation 
culture is to experience it in person”